Archiological House
Location: Ramat Ishay, Israel
Type: Private house
Structure area: 250 m
Plot area: 450 m
Faze: competition 2nd prize

The archeological house brings an interesting issue: The architectural integration between two eras. As architects devoted to our sustainable environment we tried to create a structure which both respects the ABASIC ruins and connects to the surroundings. The first and most crucial principal, in this offer, is to separate between the old and new. This separation emphasizes both structure and lets the ruins be seen by the public in an appropriate way. Building the new structure with light materials as glass and steel accentuates the ruins as well. These two opposites complete each other. In order to create warmth inside the steel structure we used warm finishing materials like wood. Another decision was to create a volume with the same proportions as the ruins contour. This volume was aligned with the surroundings grid. This action creates a tension between the structures. The new grid links the new structure to its neighbors. The new volume, positioned 3 meters above the ruins level (in the entrance level) opens a wide window into the ruins garden. Yet it’s open to the view. The upper bedrooms openings are facing the gap between the two existing houses. The ruins level bedrooms are facing the ruins itself and give the feeling of lying between the stones. A central movement axis links the whole house to the ruins.



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