Eleonor Raymond House
Location: Ramat Ishay, Israel
Type: Private house
Structure area: 250 m
Plot area: 450 m
Faze: competition 2nd prize

If one would like to summarize Eleanor Raymond legacy he should think of Landscape and Modernist Architecture. Our project proposes an interpretation of Le- Corbusier’s idea- “the free plan”, through Raymond’s vision of the landscape, as a fundamental element in architecture. The “free plan” of Le Corbusier means that no supporting walls will disturb the inner organization of space. Our “Free Plan(T) concept” means that no walls should disturb anyone from living in nature. In her work, Raymond tried to bring the landscape into the house. We propose to bring the house into the landscape.
The Free Plan(T) project is a house the flows with nature. On summertime when the weather is nice, common life activities will take place outside while during winter, the house will morph to provide shelter by a mobile cover.
The Free Plan(T) house is a sustainable project: excavated soil will serve as green roofs. Large parts of the building will be lifted over to let draining water be absorbed. The masses will be opened mainly to South and north to optimize the use of natural light. Friendly materials, as heavy insulation and local earth, will be used. All electricity used will be supplied by photovoltaic cells. Gray water will be treated and reused while rainwater will be accumulated.

Elenor Rymond House ยป


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