GAA House (Gassul)
Location: Kyriat Tivon, Israel
Type: Private house
Structure area: 140 m
Plot area: 500 m
Faze: completed

The GAA house geometry and openings were created in order to preserves the existing trees, while aiming at the beautiful landscape of the Carmel Mountain. The north elevation that faces the landscape is largely opened to the view. The privacy of the inhabitant vis-à-vis the street is preserved by to the 2m high cantilevered porch. The Kitchen is located close to the entrance and serves easily the dinning lot and the living space. The dining table faces a large window which is framing a preserved olive tree. The master bedroom faces the patio, which creates an inner south elevation. Due to the large northern opening, the house is very well illuminated. As the building site is small, the roof serves, as well, as the large courtyard of the house.

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